Boats Against the Current


The title of this blog comes from the closing sentence of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

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I long for a *patronizing head pat* emoji.

Let’s work on that.

As I leant against the wall the University indeed seemed a sanctuary in which are preserved rare types which would soon be obsolete if left to fight for existence on the pavement of the Strand.

Virginia Woolf (A Room of One’s Own)

"Russia will replace the products restricted under sanctions."

Bring out the Victory Gin.



Life is hard. Obstacles inevitably fall onto your path and that, as my mother is fond of reminding me, “is just life”. Over the last two weeks, I was confronted with a number of difficulties and, if we’re being honest, I got a bit lost trying to navigate my way around them. There was a breakup that, though amicable and mutually regrettable, still caused (is causing) a fair bit of sadness; There was a nerve-racking (and ultimately unsuccessful) job interview that sapped my intellectual energies; And, to put some icing on the cake of melancholic gloom, there was an internet outage.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… The death of an internet connection is hardly something that belongs on that list, but at the time it seemed like a significant crisis. Like most people my age, I use the internet as a form of stress relief and having that crutch disappear when I needed it most was (sadly) more traumatic than I care to admit. 

While I’m still too emotionally delicate to think that this is some kind of an optimistic sign, Verizon installed FiOS in our apartment building last week and our internet is back up and running. Perhaps, with luck, a wild job will appear and, in time, my heart will mend.

Tl;dr I’m sorry that I have been absent. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about all of the things that were happening in my life, but after careful consideration and reflection, I determined that I needed a break instead. Some things are best left to the pages of one’s diary. 

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Mausi — My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

In the summer months when the awful humidity descends upon the District of Columbia, my fellow gays take to the club pools while I take to the roof. It’s not that I don’t enjoy water or pools or swimming—I love them dearly—it’s that I don’t like other people in my water or in my pools. If I I’m going to relax, I would prefer to do so in the privacy of my own home with a martini in one hand and Swann’s Way (my book of the moment) in the other,

Regardless of where you enjoy absorbing Vitamin D (and exposing your body to the sun’s harmful rays), you need a song like this. With its upbeat and catchy tune Mausi blends harmlessly with the background while you slip into an ill advised (but probably well deserved) slumber. 

You can find more from Mausi on their soundcloud and webpage

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