Boats Against the Current


The title of this blog comes from the closing sentence of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

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Yesterday, as I watched parents haul around Target bags full of shit that their sons/daughters will never use, it occurred to me that I posses some recent life experience that may be useful and/or comforting to the recent college/graduate school student.

If you have any questions regarding school (in all of its many forms) or you have an unrelated question, please feel free to address my inbox. If I get enough, I’ll record a video response this weekend. 

Tl;dr I haven’t done a video in ages and I think it’s time that I refresh those skills. Send questions.

I had a real job interview today.

"Pray" for me kids.

Title: Blue Film Artist: Lo-Fang 30 plays

Blue Film — Lo-Fang

I was sick in bed this week with a fever and a tremendous quantity of mucus. It was awful, but I’m well on the way to a complete recovery. 

In my Nyquil induced trance, I watched The Breakfast Club, Manhattan, Annie Hall, and Terms and Conditions May Apply and I listened to Lo-Fang’s debut album several hundred times. He has a pretty voice and I’m in love with the instrumentals. I think it may be witchcraft, but they manage to flawlessly reproduce their uniquely melancholic sound in their live performances.  

If you want to hear more, you can find their webpage here


  • Josh: I have to go. Look me up on Facebook.
  • Arnold: I don't have Facebook.
  • Josh: Ok. Well. I don't have time to indulge you about why you made that choice.
  • Note: I am so so glad that this show is back.

A perfect Saturday at the National Gallery.